Топик 316. (C). Мой город Ульяновск

7 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Лёвина Карина. УлГУ, Ульяновск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My Ulyanovsk

I live in the city of Ulyanovsk, which is situated west of my country, about 800 kilometers from the capital, Moscow. It has a population of about half a million.

Ulyanovsk is situated on two rivers, the Volga and the Sviyaga, which float in opposite directions, and in past it was an important port. Nowadays, it`s all finished, and the harbor is mostly used by pleasure boats. The main industries are engineering, plane-building, weapon constructing anв so on.

There is an open space called the Volga Hill in the centre of the town and to the north-west of that is a district, which has beautiful and unique 18th century houses and cobbled streets. It`s a nice place to visit, because it reflects the spirit of the best years of the Russian Empire.

There are quite a lot of things to see in Ulyanovsk. For instance, there`s beautiful ensembleу of modern architecture, which was built to the 100th birth of Lenin, and several other tourist attraction like the President Bridge across the Volga, Goncharov House and many other old and interesting places.

We`ve got approximately 50 universities and colleges! However, only 5 of them are known all over Russia: the Classical Ulyanovsk State University, which is actually my alma mater, Pedagogical University, Technical University, Agricultural Academy and High Aviation School. So, there are a lot of students and plenty of amenities like bookshops, cinemas, coffee shops, theatres, etc. It`s a good place to live!


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