Топик 315. (C). Города, нарушившие правила

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Cities that broke the rules

The majority of cities were built according to a similar plan. However, there are some examples of cities, which builders broke the rules.

The lure of trading has encouraged the growth of cities in unlikely locations. When the East India Trading Company needed a base with good access to the Ganges Valley, it founded Calcutta on swamp land. The site was the furthest inland point that could be reached by ocean-going ships and today it is one of the largest cities.

The most ludicrously located city has to be St.Petersburg, built as the capital of a vast empire by Peter the Great. Thousands of slaves labourers died during its construction. Moreover, people were forced to live there, but now it`s a prosperous bustling Russian city which is famous worldwide.

Other major world capital had no such problem. London grew steadily and is the least planned world city, with snobbery playing a large part in determining its layout. Mainline stations are dotted around the periphery of inner London, as wealthy 19th-century residents refused construction of a giant central London rail terminal.


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