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Most people enjoy travelling. Some travel for pleasure, and some-on business; some travel light, and some take a lot of luggage on their travels, journeys, voyages or trips. They may choose various means of travelling transport and go: by plane, by land, by sea, by car, by train, by boat, by bus, on horseback, on a bike or on foot.

If you want your journey to be a success it has to be arranged beforehand. You are to choose the most convenient way of getting at your destination; to book a ticket well in advance.

You can hardly find a person who doesn`t like to travel. I`d like to say that thousands of people consider the trip around the world to be the greatest adventure of their lives. It`s so tempting to relax in warm Mediterranean. It`s great to feel a million miles away from the frost and routine of home.

Frankly speaking I`m not very particular about accomadation and would rather spend money on cafes, concerts or discos. Experts say that all five-star hotels are pretty much the same all over the world. Besides, I am going to spend as little time as possible, but enjoy sightseeing, taking pictures, shopping and making friends. In fact I`m going to visit all Europe`s great cities.

I`m sure to have an exciting time visiting the city of London. As well as enjoying the treasures of the past, you can see the future taking shape in new streetscapes and enterprises. I would treat myself to Hilton Hotel with over a thousand rooms available to VIPs, pop-stars and aristocrats.

Then I`ll do my best to see Brighton. It`s a seaside resort, which boasts a famous stony beach and all attractions ofan elegant, fashionable town. I`m ready to stay in a B&B guesthouse and have a daily quick snack and a drink in cheap and cheerful cafes.

York is also in my list. It witnessed the Roman invasion in AD 43, the landing of Viking horders in 866 and the ravages of the Wars of the Roses.

I`ve always wanted to see Nottingham, as it gave us Robin Hood from Sherwood Forest.

I`d love to see Scotland, ``the birthplace of valour, the country of worth``, as Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland said about his country. People love and recite his poems not only in Scotland, but all over in the world. Scotland is also a paradise for outdoor fanatics and its hills and valleys are made for walking.

To cut a very long story short, I`d like to say that I`ve learned so many exciting things about English-speaking countries, that it might take me a very long time to see all of them on my way round the world. But I don`t panic, because , as the old proverb goes: "when there is a will, there is a way". And besides, a year has got 365 days and I`m able to fill every minute of my life "with 60 seconds worth of distance run".


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