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A Letter to the Staff of the Company

From: Padmasree Warrior, Motorola`s Chief Technology Officer

To: Jerry Rose

Cc: Katie Cleary, Andy Baker, Eric Thompson

Bcc: Michael Leeford

Sent: 12 December 2009 19:28

Subject: A new strategy for company`s future

Attachment: Katie Cleary`s project

Dear Project Managers

Thank you for coming into our office this week on special occasions - events devoted to the "Future Project". I think we have accomplished a lot during the official launch of the project proposed by Katie Cleary. We are all very excited to work on this together. We also have another project-strategy that will lead to more mobility. Thinking Katie Cleary`s project over, I improved some points and inform all of you about the changes done.

I hope this new strategy will increase the number of subscribers in the almost saturated mobile phone market.

We intend to start by connecting our technology networks into one, we will try to combine wireless and multimedia technologies in the new mobile phones. We also plan to smooth the transition between home, work, automotive and mobile environments by providing easy and high-speed access on trains and email in cars, and our customers will be able to get video downloads onto the phones. The company even intends to extend coverage so that mobiles can be used on planes. Our company will let our clients do everything everywhere!

I have enclosed the paperwork of Katie Cleary. Once all of youlooked through this, please write down your own ideas for the improvement and return it to my attention. Then we will discuss the changes and start the project.

Yours sincerely

Padmasree Warrior

Motorola`s Chief Technology Officer

P.S.: Please be aware of the fact that this is an example of formal letter to the staff that means: all the names either were taken from the article or were invented!


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