Топик 283. (C). Влияние туризма на окружающую среду

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Tourism impact on the environment

Tourism is the world`s largest and fastest growing industry, which gives billions of dollars to people who are engaged into this business. The World Tourism Organization estimates that by 2020 1.6 billion people will travel each year, spending over 2 trillion US dollars.

To millions of tourists, foreign destinations are exotic paradises, unspoilt, idyllic and full of local charm. But many of the world`s resorts are struggling to cope with relentless waves of tourists, whose demands for ever more swimming pools, golf courses, football pitches are sucking them dry.

This issue is massive and global! The short of fresh water is obvious when tourists in Africa are going to have a good shower, seeing local women bearing pots of water on their heads. The majority of people would see no connection, which is actually pretty vivid. Sometimes there are even villages with a single tap, when each hotel has taps and showers or even baths in every room!

The problem is that tourism demands enormous amounts of water. It has been estimated that tourists use approximately four times as much water as the locals. And a tiny golf course consumes as much water as a small town! In the Caribbean, hundreds of thousands of people go without pipe water during the high tourist season, as springs are piped to hotels.

Despite the fact that tourism is essential for some countries as a survival recourse of investments, it`s pretty obvious that it destroys the `object of its affection` and serious measures should be taken as soon as possible to save the environment.


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