Топик 279. (B). Мой город

3 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Горчакова Алёна. МОУ Змеиногорская СОШ с углублённым изучением отдельных предметов, Змеиногорск, Алтайский край, Россия.
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My town

I love this town with
a not remarkable name
in honor of Zmeinaya
Mountain, which is
unknown for many people.
T. Kalualova


We don`t notice the beauty of our town, we have got accustomed to it. Life demands moving, and we don`t mark riches, which Zmeinogorsk keeps. Therefore, I want to tell about it, to let people remember, what beautiful place they live in.

It is difficult to find Zmeinogorsk on the map, my town is situated far from cities and capitals, but it has richhistorical past - it is 274 years old. We have a lot of architectural buildings and monuments, they harmonize with nature. In summer the world around us is green and fresh. Our park is one of the most beautiful places, it is very nice to walk and rest there. And how many different kinds of trees we have! They are birches, asps, fir-trees, pine-trees, poplars. We often swim in the Old and in the New ponds. The Old pond was built by K. Frolov, and V. Starcov has constructed the New pond. Zmeinogorsk is surrounded by mountains, that`s why it has got such a name. An old legend says, that there were a lot of snakes heir, people killed them, put them in large heaps and burned. A lot of historical books and sketches were written about my town, the remarkable book "The sliver wreath of Russia" was published recently. I am proud of the fact, that the first railway was built in Zmeinogorsk. K.D. and P.K. Frolov, Polzunov worked in my town many years ago, F. Dostoevskiy was here too.

But the best riches of Zmeinogorsk are people. There are talented inventors, outstanding writers, professional artists among them and of course brave warriors, who fought in the Great Patriotic War`s battles. The memorial in the centre of my town was created to let people remember and respect them.

The guests from English speaking countries like the nature around the town. They often ask why nature resources of our region are not use. Tourists admire the historical museum, which shows stages of development of my town.

There are a lot of cities in the world, they are more beautiful and more modern than Zmeinogorsk, but my small town is beautifull for me. And wherever my fate would bring me, I shall always remember this dear place in the South of the Altai region.


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