Топик 278. (B). Толерантность - залог выживания человечества

3 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Карпова Ксения. МНОУ "Лицей", город Кемерово, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Tolerance - is the condition of survival for humanity

What does the word "tolerance" indicate? In dictionaries "tolerance" is introduced as patience and indulgention. Political aspects of this phenomenon, features of persons and harmony developing world are interesting for me. Global world politics in its actions, relations and tolerance - are the key positions for achieving necessary results implying the whole humanity.

But if we refer to history we shall see that still time and again our world was about having come to a disaster. I mean for example the period of the so called "Cold war" when very often tolerance was forgotten and it betrayed people and theywent to direct collisions. States were developing and collecting a huge military store of arms of mass extermination: nuclear, chemical and bacteriological, which during that nonstable time could be used and lead our planet to a catastrophe. Fortunately "Cold war" remained behind and now in front of the leading powers I mean the countries of Big eight there are very important tasks and problems to be solved such as further fate of every man who lives on Earth. All progressive humanity is interested in liquidating all the drawbacks of the bipolar world, of curtailing the storage of weapons of mass extermination, as well as in settling down ecological problems such as global warming, ozone holes, pollutions of atmosphere, water, soil etc., starvation and diseases on the planet.

In the contemporary situation tolerance is a mean of useful cooperation, existence and finally of surviving. So in this case the great eight countries with their collaboration and help must beon the highest level of tolerance as the work with such important problems undoubtedly requires tolerance and capability to compromise.

As there are problems global and local, it`s necessary to analyse and comprehend the experience, define the determinants of it and we will define the dominant which predicts the further life and prosperity of all inhabitants of Earth and I suppose it is and will be tolerance.


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