Топик 258. (C). Толерантность - залог выживания человечества

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Кичигина Анастасия. МНОУ "Лицей", Кемерово, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Tolerance is a pledge of survival for humanity

Tolerance…this word we can hear everywhere: in MASS-MEDIA, at school, simply in the street. What does tolerance mean? What concept do people put in this word?

Tolerance is patience to the strangerway of life, conduct, senses, opinions, ideas, religion. It is possible to choose a few basic principles:  respect of human dignity all people, respect of differences and understanding of individual uniqueness.  Possibly, because of that we hear this word very often. Tolerance helps us to live.

Today in our world money and profit decide everything, therefore people should have more patience to survive. Many people begin from the small, they move to their ideals, dreams. Everybody wants to have a happy family and a good job. But if you do not have tolerance to achieve it is very difficult.

We can consider the examples of tolerance in history. This example shows us that tolerance to religion and political views can rescue many lives.  At the end of a 17 century in some European country (France, England) people got the civil peace and they became more merciful to each other. The condition of peaceful agreement was an observance of tolerance to people who lived next to them. Due to it people were united and survived. War which was caused by disagreements in religion and political views was finished. That time can be considered the birth of tolerance. The most popular representative of tolerance of the Age of Enlightment was Voltaire. He said: "I donagree with your words, but I will devote my life, protecting your right to have your own opinion." - This classic theory of tolerance became an aphorism. It is possible to draw conclusion, that tolerance to outer world helps us to live.

Also in modern world we can see an example when a man must show tolerance. Such phenomenon, as racism resulted in terrible consequences. In the Second World War German troops began to exterminate Jewish nation. They killed pregnant women, old men, children, because they disliked religion, political views of Jewish people. Almost all people of Jewish nationality were killed. This example shows a situation, when absence of tolerance can become a reason of death of thousands people.

In Russia government undertakes measures as a result of which people must know everything about tolerance. President of Russia D.A.Medvedev approved of the organization of lessons of tolerance at schools on September 1. The purpose of lesson is to develop a model of tolerant personality for the students. The government   wants to educate sensitive and responsible citizens, which are able to respect the culture of other people, to respect strangeropinion, dignities and originality of other people. The similar lessons of tolerance pass in other countries.

In my view, the measures taken to solve this question are correct.

I think that any opinion - religious, political or cultural can result in intolerance, if we dondoubt in the rightness of our views and ideas which we believe in. Tolerance to people who belong to other nationality means that we understand that we have much in common even if we have a lot of differences. For example, we realize that separate groups belong to humanity in the whole.

Tolerance to the people which differ from us with their own points of view and habits requires understanding, truth is multi-sided thing and it helps us to throw light on various spheres of life.  Ability to understand the various aspects of truth appears due to the analysis of difficulties which you come across in life. Parents must cultivate since childhood such quality as tolerance. It is difficult to survive without it.

Tolerance to other opinions, beliefs, gives compassion, mercy.

It is needed to adopt people the way they are. It is a symbol of survival of humanity.

It is possible to draw conclusion, that life of man in the contemporary world without tolerance is impossible. If nobody does not understand each other, to understand other people life will be very difficult. People will not be restrained to the others and as a result of it will lead to wars which will ruin humanity. "Tolerance is a virtue of people who disbelieve in anything! ", - G.K. Chesteron said . I think the most important thing is that people should have tolerance and then they will be able to appreciate the freedom, respect for human dignity and individuality.


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