Топик 254. (C). Письмо для Анастасии и City & Guilds!

1 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Лёвина Карина. УлГУ, Ульяновск, Россия.
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Letter to Anastasia and City & Guilds!

Hello, dear Anastasia!

I was so surprised to get a letter from you as a response to my works! I felt as if I was a great writer or a scientist, who gets loads of letters! But actually, I am not, but it is really great to know that some people were motivated by your efforts to show your English skills and to do their best in studying English! I`m really pleased to hear that you love English because I do believe that this language is gradually becoming vitally important for everyone in day-to-day life, and to find new friends and communicate with them!

I really love your short essays about yourself! They are so close to life! Actually, they show the reality of your country as well which quite different from ours, and it is incredibly interesting to read something, which is connected with intercultural communication! Thank you ever so much for this!

I would like to congratulate you on your participation in Respublican Olympiad of English language in Kazakhstan, which is a great achievement! I really hope you will do your best to show all your English knowledge and enthusiasm to the jury! I hope you get the 1st prize!!!

Thank you ever so much for you devotion to the language! It is so great to know that there is a person in another country who is keen on the same thing as you!! Thank you for your letter!!

I would also like to say "Thanks a million" to City & Guilds Institute and International Essay Competition that gave us the great opportunity to show our knowledge of English, share interesting ideas and meet new people! International City & Guilds certificates also give greater opportunities to successful candidates in both the worlds of work and  study. It is so sad to tell you that I have only one City & Guilds exam left which is Mastery C2 ESOL, and when I`ll have to say goodbye to this fantastic institute. However, that is great that City & Guilds offer us the great choice of other qualifications and I strongly believe that I`m going to continue my further education!

Thank you, City & Guilds team! I really love you!!!



Copyright © Russian centres of City and Guilds


P.S. Официальный представитель британского экзаменационного совета City & Guilds в России господин Эндрю Бейли прочитал сочинение Карины и прислал ответ.

Dear Karina!

I am writing from London to thank you for your enthusiam and contributions to the City & Guilds essay competition.  As much as anything, it is great to see that it inspires you, not once, but many times to write compositions and even to help enthuse others by your responses.  I hope that you will continue and that you will find new and similarly motivated friends through our site.  I hope too that I may see when you take your C2 examinations.  

Best wishes,

Andrew Bayley


См. письмо Анастасии Пономаревой "Письмо для City & Guilds, Татьяны и Карины!"


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