Топик 253. (B). Праздники и традиции в Англии

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Holidays and traditions in Great Britain

Adherence of British to traditions is shown not only in the politician, but it is literally continually, in most that on is an ordinary life. British contrary to logic and common sense adhere to the system of measures and scales, link sided movement, traditions in a food. Tea with milk became for a long time a national drink of Englishmen, their indispensable daily "five-hour tea"- not simply strictly installed time of food intake, and first of all an occasion to dialogue with relatives, friends, colleagues. This well-known English tradition was extended in Europe and the USA. Sometimes a tribute to traditions - the ornament is not simple. Ifnear the Edinburgh lock you see guard in operetta, by sight the modern European, the Scottish skirt, a carbine in his hands - not so toy. Except Easter, Christmas and the New Year, all holidays in England have strictly on Monday. New Year - on January, 1st, is celebrated in the bosom of the family with a traditional apple pie. Easter is always marked in April in Catholic temples this day organ music concerts are held. Easter Monday (Easter Monday) - this day can be congratulated each other with Easter to give gifts, to children in streets to give sweets and toys. In April the flower-show with participation of the best gardeners of England also is spent. Within the limits of this exhibition competition on drawing up of the best bouquet is arranged. If you appear in England in May, you will have a possibility to participate in festivals and костюмированном the street procession spent on the first Monday of May (the May holiday). Last Monday May the Holiday of spring (Spring Bank Holiday) is celebrated - on decorated with garlands from colours streets it is possible to try the present English roast beef. May - the most favourite month of Englishmen, throughout almost all thirty days reigns fun and elation atmosphere. In May it will be interesting to visit local festival of chimney sweeps of Rochester. The beginning of June is marked by opening of a royal regatta in Henli (30 km from Oxford). June: the international festival of animation. Leading animators of the world gather in Cardiff`s hall "Sent-devids-hall" and other platforms in city centre. Fans of classical and church music can to advise visit in July festival of arts of London City and festival of church music in Chichestere. Also in July the international festival of dances and music is held. The Royal National holiday in Aberystwyth which is arranged on August, 12th is very interesting. On city streets the dramatized representation is played. Best of beginning poets of the Wales read the verses, fair of subjectsof art, antiques and samples of the Welsh national creativity will be organized. July - August: Kardiffsky summer festival. Festival "street entertainments"; all city turns in "a place for walks": Concerts, carnivals, parade the Lord Mayor and the international festival of street theatres. Last Monday August day of rest (August Bank Holiday) is celebrated. This day towns people try to spend on the nature. An unforgettable show is ceremony of druids in an autumn equinox (on September, 22nd). In October in Nottingham the cheerful holiday of nice guy Robin of the Buzzing set of competitions, attractions, games and which gifts for a long time will replace evening a fairy tale to your children is had. On October, 31st the Halloween is celebrated. Every year this day city streets change in a fairy tale, on them went sorcerers in peaked hats, the old woman with the ground plait walks, devils plugs and other nice children walk up and down. Mugs of orange pumpkins look empty eye-sockets from everywhere - from show-windows of shops, from windows of houses, and light up with the candles inserted inside in the evening, and all around rejoice: the holiday a Halloween has come! For adventurouses in November race on ancient cars on a route London - Brighton is arranged. November - December: the international musical festival. 2nd half of September: Kardiffsky musical festival. On December, 25-th the Christmas (Christmas), and on December, 26th - a favourite holiday - Day of Christmas gifts (Boxing Day) is marked. This day if you appear on a visit, by all means it is necessary to present souvenirs to masters of the house, and children - sweets. After noisy Christmas holidays Christmas day of rest (Christmas Bank Holiday) on December, 27th is arranged.



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