Топик 249. (C). Британский дресс-код

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

British dress-code

We give ourselves away by how we dress. Nostalgia and traditionalism are also expressed in appearances. The majority of British people dress conservatively rather than fashionably. A small number of the upper and professional upper middle class, for example barristers, diplomats, army officers and Conservative MPs dress in the well-tried styles of the past 50 years or so. Many of the men still have their suits specially tailored, and are thus instantly recognisable as belonging to the upper echelons of society. Yet how they dress is wholly unrepresentative of society in general.

The vast majority of people buy their clothes at the high-street stores, of which Marks and Spencer must be the most famous. They wear the clothes of the British middle classes, perfectly passable but hardly stylish like the dress standards in much of Europe. Indeed, the British still have a reputation for being the worst dressed people in Europe, and they do not really care.

There is a tolerance, shabbiness and inventiveness in the way some, particularly the young, dress. There can be few countries where people who can afford new clothes deliberately choose to buy the "cast-offs" of others. Yet in Britain many people, especially students and other young people, happily look for bargains at the thousands of charity shops that exist all over the country. Many who buy their clothes from these shops are genuinely needy. But equally, many are not. They choose to buy their clothes in charity shops because they arc cheap and because they sometimes find wonderful bargains: almost new, high quality items that cost next 10 nothing. in fact, some of the most dress-conscious young people und astonishing clothes at these shops, and manage to look sensational when they wear them. It is, perhaps, a flair for clothes that is peculiarly British.


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