Топик 246. (B). Потеряный паззл

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Неворотов Олег. Городской классический лицей, Кемерово, Кемеровская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Lost puzzleLost puzzle

There is one usual and simple puzzle. It is a part of a mosaic. It is written "The Earth" on the box of this mosaic.

There are millions the same puzzles in this box. Each of them concerns any small picture, which is making the general mosaic. Any picture can`t do without one puzzle as well as this puzzle can`t be replaced by another, otherwise, all pictures will collapse.

Our puzzle isn`t identical, it is defective or not from this mosaic. At the present time it doesn`t suit any picture, it is not a part of it. Every picture has general connection between different puzzles, they cling close to each other, forming this connection, but our puzzle doesn`t have this one.

It`s silly to say that our puzzle is from other mosaic. It has the same signs as other puzzles have. It`s same the same as others. Simply different jags are in the way, though it is possible not to pay attention to them, just to fasten together, then all jags will be disappear.

The puzzle can`t make it on its own, it will take much time. Wasting it, our puzzle risks to be in a dustbin. Someone should help this puzzle, which hasn`t found its own picture. The other puzzle, which hasn`t become the part of the picture either, should help our puzzle.

Every day our puzzle tries to find the picture, which he has been created for. And it also tries to find that special puzzle. But everything he finds doesn`t perfectly suit it. So, it`s clear, that it is unnecessary.

Maybe during the creation all puzzles are packaging into bags, collections, which would be suitable for each other. But our world is not ideal, that`s why puzzles from different bags often mix up, and they have to be looking for each other. Many of them have found their collection and have made their own small picture. But where is our defective puzzle`s set?

I think nobody can answer this question now. Neither can it. Though its dream is to find the picture, consisting of the real puzzles-friends, only then all its problems will go away. But now this puzzle knows only one thing, that it is me!



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