Топик 238. (C). Искусственная любезность

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Лёвина Карина, УлГУ, Ульяновск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Fake Niceness

I have to deal a lot with various people, including shop assistants and waiters. And I`ve recently faced a serious problem which I`ve called "fake niceness".

One day I walked into a Drug Store, because I badly need a pain-reliever. The girl at the till asked me nothing about my chose but about my day as if we were the best friends. I didn`t pay any attention to this, because I was suffering from the headache. Moreover, she tried to investigate the `problem of my plans for the evening`, which was extremely confusing. I preferred not to talk to her and left the shop.

As I hurried on, I found myself thinking about this girl and the amount of niceness I`ve just experienced. Why did it make me feel so bad? Was it impolite not to chat back? Or was it a sort of pushy friendness, which is even worse than the rudeness?

Apparently, some psychological studies have shown that if the shop assistant treat you as a friend, there`s psychological effect - the customer will return. Other studies suggest that this sales techniques is a turn-off. Perhaps the solution is to rely on people who are really interested in their job, but not on those who are trained to be insincere robots.



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