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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Life is wonderful!

Do you wish the day gives you joy, recognition and success? Everything is at your fingertips! Believe into yourself and strive for the better! The first rule on the way to success is "to get to your feet": a human being needs some kind of a stress, but certainly positive, in order to feel happy. You may ask a question: where can I get it? And the answer is rather simple, just do some physical activity, for example, jogging in the morning! It is obvious if you have a stress of any kind, some stress hormones will release into your blood. They are useful in small units as they accelerate metabolism and cheer you up. Your positive mood and ability to take care of yourself are thesummands of the formula for success that give everlasting and magic power to any person.

The second rule is "laugh": when was the last time when you laughed? Do you remember? The last time when you burst your sides laughing? Try and remember that you felt fine after the laugh! It is better to find some case to laugh at, don`t be afraid to be ridiculous and from time to time laugh at yourself. By the way, doing this, you will show that you are aware of your flaws and you are ready to change for the better. And it is natural that almost everyone likes to communicate with a person who is full of joie de vivre. There is even a saying that "a sense of humour units people."

The next rule is "chat", or "communication": the most joyful, pleasant, fantastic mood is easy to achieve not with a help of money or because of the climbing the carrier ladder but due to love and friendship. These sustain our will to live; these make us strong, self confident and help us to overcome some obstacles in this life. The last but not the least rule is "colour": try to use the colour therapy to get benefit. You are in a bad mood in the morning, aren`t you? Put on something bright and after a while you will get better. It is difficult to concentrate, isn`t it? Then look at something bright-yellow. You had a hard day, had not you? Then look at something light-blue. You may also put a magnificent bouquet with lovely flowers on the table that will gladden the eye.

The formula of happy philosophy: 1) don`t be afraid to make mistakes. Any fault or mistake is a life experience which helps to go further. 2) Try to become such a person whom you would like to see among your close friends. 3) Don`t be shy in case you come across any obstacle in your life! Take the responsibility upon yourself and don`t think others are blame for your faults. 4) Take into consideration any little changes on the way for the better that take place within your inner world. Evaluate successful attempts andcelebrate them as a small party or a holiday.



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