Топик 233. (C). Философия нового времени

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Stop the time!

Time is not just a unit but a huge resource that has its own price. Let`s count it …

A waste of time costs much. Time is your personal budget that is measured not in rubles but in minutes. Well, minutes are the part of an hour, an hour is a part of a day, a day is a part of a week, etc. and all these time you could spend doing something pleasant or just something for yourself. What should we do to stop the time or at least to slow it down? First of all you need not be late! If your company starts not strictly at 7 or 8 o`clock and your colleagues come to work not on time, it does not mean that you need to be late as they. If you come to work earlier youwill be able to cope with the projects or any other type of work faster than before and your free time will be spent on trifles that are pleasure for you.

A lot of people from HR-department advise to plan your tasks and make your own schedule in advance but it is impossible to arrange everything in your life. Different annoying trifles and unexpected circumstances may knock you out, and if it happens, there are good proverbs to remember: "There is always another day tomorrow and the hope that we will have means of sustenance", "Every tomorrow supplies its loaf", "Let the morn come, and the meat with it". Well, it means that the problems should be solved as they appear. To worry about something that will take place in a month is not worth while doing even if you plan everything up to the end of the year as new circumstances will make you rearrange your schedule and this is a waste of time that you don`t need. So the best way out is to plan in detail and then make pauses during your work in order to come up with fresh ideas especially if your job depends on creativity.

Emotions are the time killers. Your job is not that place to quarrel and further discussion of that. Probably it sounds strange or weird but in fact it is really so. To solve the problems of your colleagues is none of your business until your boss makes you do this. As a result you will get health, successful career and a lot of free time!



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