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House, M.D.

Everyone of us has their favorite sitcoms. And one of the most adorable and amusing sitcoms for me is “House, M.D.”. The protagonist of this medical drama is Dr. Gregory House who is an unconventional, maverick medical genius and heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He has problem with his sick leg that is why he takes the pills from hurt. And he starts to addict to those tablets. Dr. Gregory House realizes that he depends on addition of those drugs but he is continuing to take them. If you see this American drama, you will catch the similarities between Gregory House and the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Both of those geniuses are evident in their reliance on psychology, even where it might not seem obviously applicable and inductive reasoning. Which I love the most in Dr. Gregory House is how he eliminate diagnoses logically as they are proves impossible. As far as I know that an actor who plays Dr. Gregory House is Hugh Laurie. He is a British actor who can imitate an American accent. It is really difficult to a Briton speak as an American. The famous phase which Doctor House always says is "Everybody lies", because his patients have lied about their symptoms, circumstances, or personal histories. Hence, it is not easy to give a diagnosis them while a patient hides the true. Also, an interesting fact is what exactly M.D. means. Some of you may think that it means medical doctor. But the other surmise is that it means mental daisies. Who knows? Maybe. I really enjoy watching the central character of an American television medical drama as Dr. Gregory House.



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