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Magic power of sleep

Do you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? - Then go to bed and sleep!

The impetuous age of the night without a sleep is not only for poets and loving couples. According to statistics we sleep less and less. What prevents us from throwing into the arms of Morpheus? Our thoughts about troubles, the Internet, videogames or TV? And maybe the fact is that we have everlasting work? Anyway, millions of people have chronic sleep-disorders, but it is fraught with serious consequences.

Many citizens of Russia are not satisfied with their sleep: one can`t fall asleep quickly, others wake up some times at night. The third feels exhausted in the morning asif they didn`t sleep at all.

A good sleep means health. So, for example, a full-night rest may increase efficiency of vaccination against flu.

People who sleep well catch cold less than others, they live longer being cheerful, in good spirits and energetic to a venerable age.

People, who don`t have enough sleep, are more exposed to indisposition, for instance, to headache. There are the changes in metabolism which are the same as we can see during the natural ageing process.

If you don`t sleep well, you will be overcome by depression, so it is better to calm down, not to think about everyday troubles, just relax and say to yourself: "there is nothing to worry about", and you will fall asleep quickly.

In general, try to treat everything with humour, answering the question "how to relieve sleep disorders", you may simply say: "I count to three. Sometimes to half past three."

But specialists` advice is the following: "If you have a troubled sleep, don`t hasten to take medicine. You should better go to the specialists in the sleeping field."



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