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Personal qualities of a good diplomat

If you don`t think about the future, you won`t have one. But the problem is what career to choose. Nowadays the world community tends to develop international links between different countries, that`s why the profession of a diplomat is becoming highly popular.

Though this job is prestigious, it`s extremely exhausting and backbreaking at the same time. It can be even dangerouse, in case one works in a hotbed of tension. Thus if you`re not afraid of difficulties, it can be really rewarding. Moreover, on one hand, it requires great knowledge in economics, history, languages, law and politids. On the other hand, it demands a lot of experience in dealing with various people as well as in psycology. Diplomats have to travel a lot and work away from home. People of this profession have to give up their personal lives for well-being of their countries and improvement of internatiomal relations.

If you want to be a diplomat, the very first thing is to think about qualities of a good diplomat. In the first place we should put the appearance. One should remember that the first impressions are vital. For many representatives oа other countries, neat and tidy hair and smart clothes are as important as the knowledge or good personality. Secondly, you must have a university degree and , of course, you need deep knowledge in different subjects and spheres of life, such as economics, politics, history, international law, philosophy and psychology or you`ll be totally confused while answering the questions and discussing various problems with other ambassadors. You also must be fluent in 3 or even 4 languages because you`ll have to meet different people and take part in international negotiations. You must also be good-mannered, reliable and independent, because you are a spokesman of you country and you duty is to protect its interests, you should know all current world news.

You mustn`t forget about the fact that the whole opinion about your Motherland is based on the way you deal with different issues, such as overcoming differences. accomponing officials, making efforts to sign peace treaties.And the last but not least important thing is that one shouldn`t be afraid of travelling by air.

Of course, you can still have some questions about this interesting profession. Where can you find the answers? You can find some infornation in various books as well as in newspapers. You can also visit web-site of MGIMO to find detailed information about this job.But you should remember that not every person who wants to be a diplomat should become one!



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