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American Corporate Culture

This corporate culture is also called Anglo-American. It appeared at the beginning of the 20th century before the Great Depression of 1920-1930. Now this kind of culture is spread widely in Americas, UK, in African countries and the Middle East.

Anglo-American Corporate Culture is characterized with one lever of governance council. This very council also includes executive managers, top managers and personnel mangers. In order to separate the functions of supervision in governance council special committees are created. These committees don`t include executive managers.

In Anglo-American Corporate Culture enterprise is divided into small parts between several small shareholders and 10% of shares is considers to be dominant. The shares are working in the share market where companies get money for their further development by printing new shares. So, absolutely everyone can become a shareholder. Small shareholders are not interested in the company governance and strong management is counterbalanced with independence directors.

Anglo-American Corporate System is aimed mostly on satisfying financial requirements of the shareholders. Other stakeholders are not represented in the company governance.

Anglo-American Corporate Culture is focused on achieving clear and real goals. And surertask and superproblem solving is the most valuable in this corporate culture. Flexibility, opportunity to adjust to any situation and the speed of reaction are in the centre of the Universe. It is also important to mark that the contribution of the company workers into creating and than solving superproblems and surertasks is regarded to de vital. Company authorities are believed to be almost the same people as the workers of the company. They can accept any criticism towards them as well as new and interesting ideas. The authority is considered to be real not due to the power of people and their social status, but their competence and real knowledge. The career of workers is totally depending on their capability to act in various kinds of confusing and even difficult situations, creating new ideas and bringing them to life. Anglo-American Corporate Culture is identified with high point of uncertainty, so both managers and workers feel themselves quite convenient in stressful situations and they even adore taking serious risks.

Some scientists believe that if the company follows Anglo-American Corporate Culture it is the vivid feature of dynamic development and further work of the company.

American scientist Ch.Handy named Anglo-American Corporate Culture - the Culture of Aim (COA). The stuff of such organizations is ready to get used to any situation and they even can predict some events. They also call themselves professionals as they are very experienced in the field of their work. The most important for them is to do their work at the top of their abilities. In order to increase the quality of the work they can unite in groups of professionals and experts. The managers of such organizations are cheerful people. Excellent workers motivate themselves to do their tasks better.



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