Топик 185. (C). Образование в моей жизни

22 января 2010 - Администратор

Тимошина Лолита. ГОУ ВПО КФ НГПУ, город Куйбышев, Новосибирская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Education in my life

Little strokes fell great oaks.

I am a second-year-student of the Pedagogical University. I like languages. I want to know many languages, but now I am learning only tree. They are English, Spanish and German. English I know better then other. I choose it when I was a five-year-old girl. Because as we know, English is becoming a universal language on our planet. One person out of six in the world knows English nowadays. It makes the people`s life more fruitful, interesting and enjoyable. But its greatest role will be in the nearest future when mankind starts solving the most important problems of war and peace, ecology, demography social and moral codes and many, many others.

It will greatly help us to reach mutual understanding which will tremendously improve the people`s life on our planet.

Besides of all, nowadays many foreign enterprises and individual businessmen are more interested in raw materials and industrial possibilities of our country because of the development of international relations of our territory of our country, and the demand for the experts with knowledge of foreign languages grows up.

I think the youth must be more interested in education, because we are living in such a complex world. At school our teachers told us about universities and institutes to help us to orient us in our word.

The excursions to the enterprises of our city, meetings with the leading experts and so on were organized.

Higher educational establishment, where it is possible to get a selected professional plays an important role. In ourrepublic there more then sixty higher educational establishments, both state and private, which offer a wide choice of specializations and professional trends.

From my point of view, education is our life. How do you want to live? So in such case you will study!

"Education brings a child the world".



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