Топик 18. (C). Суши-бар "Кукси Каби"

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Sushi-bar "Kuksi Kabie"

Hello, my dear readers! This article is about an interesting and contradictory place and well-known to everybody, I think. I am going to tell you about sushi-bar "Kuksi Kabie".

It is a pretty nice bar that attracts visitors by its prices and cuisine in particular. Decor is agreeable as well as the atmosphere: hall is designed in warm and light colours, resembling Japanese style. There are rather big tables with cosy sofas...how beautiful it is here! But if you smoke, I have doubts that you will like this bar because the places for smokers are situated in the room with a through passage, so that is for those who like to eat in the corridor.

By the way, a real disadvantage of the atmosphere is music that could be a little bit lower, just a little. You know, sometimes we want to talk, not only to eat and it is not always possible.

Oh, food, by the way! The menu makes you glad. You may find not only Japanese delicious and exotic dishes: from sushi to mizo-soups, but also such "earthy" dishes like meat steaks with potatoes. So you can go here with your boyfriend, he will not be hungry and not just look at all Japanese food in wide-eyed astonishment.

In addition, there are different salads, desserts and cocktails on the menu.

Service leaves much to be desired. Tips are included into the bill and the waiters are very kind, but they don`t run after the visitors. If you are short of time it is better not to go to "Kuksi Kabi". It might take your waiter 40 minutes to bring your order and it is not pleasant to wait for your change.

So, seeing is believing. The sushi-bar is situated in the streets Gorkogo and Sacco & Vanzetti. You may book a table on the phone in advance in order not to wait for a table when you come there. It is open weekends and the other days as well from 10 o`clock till midnight.

And my advice is if you decide to discover Japanese cuisine, you should go to the bars which your friends have already visited.



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