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Коновалова Татьяна. СГУ имени Н.Г. Чернышевского, Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

I am who I am

Which do I identify myself most strongly with: my job, my home town or my family? It is a tricky question to me. To choose the right answer is very difficult, because I have to consider many factors. There is not much to say about my job, simply because I don`t have it yet. But thinking this matter over, I should say that my home town and my family play an important role in my life.

I was born in Saratov and I still live there. My home town is famous for its theatres. Today there are five theatres in Saratov: the Opera House, the Drama Theatre, the Theatre for Young Spectators, a Musical Comedy Theatre and a Puppet Theatre for Children. Though my home town issituated on the river Volga, it is not so easy to get to the beach. I don`t like the crowded buses, the dirty streets, the expensive food, the reserved people and the ugly yards of my city; but still "there is no place like home" as it is said in this proverb, and I do agree with it, because I believe that I feel in safety at home, and I can say that my home town is my castle.

Almost anything we do in this world is done in isolation. That`s why I suppose my family really means a lot to me; it`s everything, my life and my success. My parents and me have a lot in common. When I was a teenager, we didn’t really see eye to eye on much. We have always argued and split hairs. There was a generation gap, so to speak. But as we know that "everything flows, everything changes", it is possible to avoid the conflict of generations and from my point of view, it is easy to find common language with the parents because they are the dearest people to you. So, now I think about things in the same way asmy parents. I really feel on the same wavelength with them and it helps me immensely.

My parents took proper care of me and now I am very grateful to them, because they brought me up and helped me to develop a range of qualities which are necessary in order to be able to overcome my own fears in the present day society. They taught me to be calm and intelligent, they showed me how to work out good strategies on my way to success and how to make sound judgements under pressure.

There is no need to confirm that being able to get on with a wide range of people is one of the major keys to success, because we do it in everyday situations.

And thanks to my family, I learnt how to be sensitive and sociable. I was also taught how to cope with the problems which I face today.

I believe when I have my own children, I will try to bring them up the way my parents did. And the children will be grateful to their parents either now or afterwards when they become grown-ups.



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