Топик 164. (C). Как я планирую свое время

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Лёвина Карина. УлГУ, Ульяновск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

How I organise my time

It`s of the vital importance for me to have a strict timetable and manage my time reasonably. So I have some methods of time budgeting and fitting all the things into my week.

Fistly, I don`t rely on my memory alone. I always write a so-called `to-do list` for each day, preferably the night before or th first thing in the morning.Then I decide on the best order to do things. I usually use numbers to signal which things on my list are the most urgent or important. And if there is a deadline, I always write the date of it. So I always try to finish the task by it.

I`d say that things don`t always go according to the plan, that`s why I allow myself toreconsider the numbers of thingsI`d hope to do originally. This allows me to do the plannings more realistically. Another thing is that if I`m really convinced that what I have to do is essential, it will be easier for me to say `no` to things I`m not responsible for. The following thing is that I always remember that my energy level greatly depends on the time of the day. As for me, I`m a morning bird, so it`s far easier to do inportant tasks in the morning. That`s why I`m not too critical to myself in the evenings. And if I`m too bored or sick and tired of doing something, I try not to waste my precious time because perfection is anattainable anyway.

The next method is the following. If I can`t fit all my activiies into my timetable, I always try mulitasking. I try to do the ironing while watching TV, study кща my test while having a meal or I just mentally run through the things I`m trying to learn while I`m taking a shower. When there`s a job I really dread doing, I don`t keep putting it off. I often make so-called `holes` in it by breaking it into smaller tasks and set a time limit.

So this is how I budget my time. It isn`t difficult at all if you don`t aim at being perfect and allowing some time for mistakes. Don`t procrastinate and you`ll succeed.



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