Топик 163. (B). Спорт - всегда ли он полезен для здоровья?

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Sport: is it always healthy?

Of course, everybody knows about positive influence of sport on people`s bodies and minds. Sport educates a strong will, discipline, ability to overcome difficulties. It helps to increase self-confidence and keep fit. It can even be a treatment: sometimes doctors prescribe going in for sport as a cure for people with certain diseases. The proverb of ancient Greeks says `If you want to be beautiful - you should run, if you want to healthy - you should run, if you want to be clever - you should run`, and it is still the truth. So if we take this part of the sport life, everything is brilliant and suitable for you and your health.

But if we take off the pink sun glasses, we`ll see that there are some points that are not so fine.

Let`s look at the life of professional sportsmen. On one hand, they are full of life, energetic, strong people with good health and big sum of money in the bank. But on the other hand, the essential part of their life is the professional traumas. For example, I can tell you a story of one boxer, named Muhammad Ali. He was the winner of the Olympics in 1960, won 51 out of 56 combats and was told to be the real master of boxing. But the price for that was very high - he got Parkinson disease at the age of 40.

Another problem of the professional sport is so-called dope. It`s a helping hand for those, aiming the first places and gold medals, but no-one can truly says, that it will bring no harm or it will be no side effects in future. I think everybody has heard about steroids employed by body builders to gain muscles. But have you ever heard that the steroids in very small doses have been used to treat people with mental disturbances, such as schizophrenia and maniac depression for over 50 years. Can you predict what will happen with the body builders in some years? I can`t.

One more trouble of professional sportsmen is that they are forced to retire young so there is a great pressure on them. They must win everything they can so they are to keep the strong rules and have got no possibility to make a decision of their own.

If we speak about people who are not crazy about sport, they`ve got different difficulties. Let`s imagine an average person, who is not keen on sport but goes to the gym or swimming pool twice or three times a week. The very this average man is in danger of overdoing the exercises (because the load is too high). Let alone extreme kinds of sport, which can be really risky without the needed trainings.

In conclusion, I`d like to state that sport itself is neither good nor bad - it depends on the way you do it.



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