Топик 159. (B). Как написать хитовую песню!

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How to write a song!

Have you ever written a song? If your answer is “yes”, you will have more experience in this question. After reading this article you find something interesting for you. If your answer is “no”, why not to try it right now? Let’s see what you should know to write a song! Step by step:

1. It gets started with a title. But you never know when a title will hit you. You can find it everywhere. For instance, the title occurred to me on one November day when I was in English Club and we had rock concert where we should name ourselves as a group. And that time everyone of us felt as babies. And we called our group “Rock babies”. And it c becomes the title of the song. But I do not know what this song is about yet or why this phrase involves me, hence, I need to find out more. Then start by asking the questions this title wants to have answered. For example: Who are rock babies? What are they doing? What do they wear? Where are they going? What are they thinking about? You can see that I did not start the song by telling a story that happened to me. I just express my feelings. To write a song is a process of discovery new levels of life. Then you should make a list of words or phrases that connect with the title. Your imagination works and you write. I have such words as: night, rock, sexy, give up, amusing, seduce, guitar, concert, boys, girls, that is hot and the others.


2. Now you have an idea about what your song will be. Also, you have to know song structure. The most common contemporary song structure is verse / chorus / verse / chorus /bridge / chorus. I found those definitions in English dictionary for advanced learners:

  • Verse is a group of words or sentences that form one section of a song.
  • Chorus is the part of a song that does not change and is repeated several times.
  • Bridge is something that forms a connection between one part of the song and another.


Don’t worry if the first songwriting experience is not so cool as you want it. Practice makes perfect.



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