Топик 157. (C). Почему мне нравится путешествовать самолетом?

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Why I enjoy air travel?

Planes are considered to be the most dangerous mean of transport. However, the recent researches have shown that they are nowhere near as dangerous as cars, and three times as many people die in car accidents as in plane crashes. That`s why I`m not afraid of air travel and I strongly believe that planes are the fastest and the most comfortable methods of transport.

If I want to travel abroad by air, first of all I have to choose the most convenient and the cheapest flight to my destination. Moreover, I have to book a seat for the flight and find out the time of the departure and arrival as well as the latest time of reporting at the airport. As soonas I arrive at the airport, I usually check in for my flight, have my luggage weighed and labeled and go through to the departure lounge. Furthermore, I have to pass passport control and customs. What I really detest about air travel is going through customs because you have to take off your shoes and you belt as well as take everything out of your pockets, which is really annoying, but everyone have to put up with it.

The most exciting part of the trip begins as soon as I get to the departure lounge. The things I love most about being there are people-watching and doing some last minute shopping in the duty free. I really enjoy these processes because I can feel the spirit of forthcoming holidays.

As soon as my flight is called, I go to the gate and show my boarding card to the air steward or air stewardess. Once I get aboard, I usually find my seat and put my hand luggage into the overhead locker. As soon as the pilot makes his announcement, I fasten my seatbelt and put my seat in the upright position. I always eagerly await the take-off.

Something I adore about air travel is when the plane peacefully cruises at the high altitude. Everyone is so calm and peaceful in the cabin. Stewardesses serve lunch, some passengers sleep, some of them read; teenagers usually listen to the music. However, not all the flights are so serene and tranquil. Never will I forget going through the turbulence. Though it wasn`t really dreadful or dangerous, most of the travelers did start a panic, so it was an unpleasant travel experience.

Landing is as exciting as taking off, but it doesn`t make a lot of impressions on me because I eagerly wait for leaving the cabin, rushing towards the passport control to have my visa checked, collecting my luggage and facing new impressions.

To sup up I can say that even though I had a bad flying experience, my attitude towards air travel is mostly positive due to the fact that airline do their best to make the trips as comfortable as possible. Moreover, planes help us to save time and money as well as get new impressions. That`s why I adore air travel!



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