Топик 141. (C). Предотвратить лучше, чем лечить

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Коновалова Татьяна. СГУ имени Н.Г.Чернышевского, Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

To anticipate or to treat medically?

Flu is not a trivial disease. Moreover, it`s not pleasant to fall ill, flu is also fraught with serious complications. No one can feel secured against it. During the year people of various ages may catch flu. The disease peak usually takes place in autumn or winter period when people spend more time in the closed, not aired offices and the organism is often exposed to temperature drops. Flu epidemics appear every year and about 15% of the world population suffers from it.

Medicine provides us with a great variety of pills but the tablets can`t guarantee that we will not catch flu. The only way out is to anticipate this or that disease: you need to be vaccinated against flu, for example, or some other illnesses.

Doctors keep saying that it`s better to anticipate a disease rather that to treat somebody from it. For this purpose you need to know how an illness creeps up. There are the following signs which characterize the problems with health: pulse, pressure, weight, and an amount of cholesterol in blood and other medical tests.

Alas, the answer to the question "Do we know these signs?" shows that it`s a secret for the majority of people; instantly we may only answer what our weight is. Only 45% of us can say what pulse rate they have.

The sad conclusion arises: we consider all these things as trifles, this is the business of the doctors, not ours. But the knowledge and understanding of these characteristics can help us to be healthy and even save our lives.

If you are ill, you need to take tablets, pills, vitamins, etc. We all know that each medicine has side effect. So, medicines, that you take, influence on your organism and your immune system. Even vitamins are not so harmless as they seem. If you take many vitamins, you may suffer from its side effect. So, therefore, I suppose that it`s better to maintain your health rather than to fall ill, then to take pills and to suffer from the side effect of the medicine or from the complications of this or that disease.



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