Топик 128. (C). Письмо классного руководителя

6 января 2010 - Администратор

Февралёва Елена. Учитель, школа №56, город Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

A Letter of a Class mistress

I`m a teacher. I teach children and I like it. But at the same time I`m a class mistress. There are 25 pupils in my class, 25 children. They are so different these boys and girls; they have different appearance, tastes, hobbies... Sometimes they are too naughty, sometimes - too selfish and stubborn. But at the same time they are talented, clever and helpful, I like being their class mistress.

I know much about my pupils. You can see it now.

There is a company of three boys: Dima, Lyosha and Arthur. They are noisy, bouncy and not always hard-working. But Dima is a loving brother for his younger sister. Arthur has a very tender soul and is full of emotions. Lyosha is a great computer genius and wins a lot of prizes at computer competitions.

Vika is always helpful and responsible. She can do everything to help me and her classmates: sing, draw, dance…

Two friends – Anastasia and Sveta are noisy, sometimes quarrelsome. But Anastasia is quick-minded she is very good at English. Sveta has a keen sense of justice.

There is a company of four girls: Tanya, Julia, Olga and Victoria.They are true friends; they are devoted to each other, though they are very different. Tanya is optimistic and merry. Julia – a bit shy, but romantic. Olga is creative and sympathetic. Victoria is reserved; she is interested in many things, e.g. drawing and biology.

Igor is not very good at school and sometimes gets bad marks, but he has some other talents: he can play the piano and the violin well .He is also good at break dancing.

Jana and Liza like music too. They can draw and paint well. They are best friends and are ready to help each other to cope with any problem.

Olja and Nastya are full of fun and energy. They love their younger sisters very much.

Dmitry is a clever and witty boy, but sometimes too lazy at his study.

Katja and Julja are two nice and calm girls. They are open-hearted and ready to help.

Kirill is bouncy, noisy, but kind and communicative.

Tanya and Masha are friends. They have much in common. But Masha is romantic while Tanya is a firm and decisive person.

Vlad is very noisy and full of energy, but he has a way with younger children!!!

Lera is very noisy too. At the same she is sympathetic and helpful.

Sasha and Ekaterina are newcomers. Sasha is active and energetic. Ekaterina is attentive and thoughtful.

So these are my pupils,my children. As you can see they are really very different and have weak points and strong points. But I like them, I love them, I adore them!


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