Топик 122. (B). Какой он, лидер 21 века?

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Пономарева Анастасия. Жетысуский Государственный Университет, город Талдыкорган, Алматинская область, Казахстан
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Who is a leader of 21st century?

Nowadays leadership is really important if you want to be competitive and flexible. There are a lot of definitions of what leadership means, but my definition of leadership is a quality that brings you success. Some people are naturally born to be good leaders, but some have to develop such skills in themselves. It will be hard work. But it is worth doing it. I want to share my opinion of who is good leader is. I think a good leader should have three main characteristics such as managing skills, motivation skills and time management skills.

Firstly, managing skills can help to manage or controlthe sphere where you work. Co-workers respect those skills in their leader because he or she makes an environment that the entire team feels a big important part of, but without one part it can not achieve success.

The second characteristic of a leader are motivation skills that give the ability to motivate not only yourself but other people who have their own minds, feelings and desires. It is not an easy task to motivate other people and make them follow you.

The third characteristic of a leader are time keeper skills that give a chance to control your time. Nowadays time is the most powerful resource that should be used rationally and effectively because this resource is exhausted, and a leader understands that.

I notice that there are lot of good leaders surroundings me, but one of the best leaders I have ever known is Olga Yakhimovich. She is my teacher of English. Olga has become a source of inspiration to me. She gives me motivation thathas had an influence on developing my personality. One of her lessons I will remember my whole my life is that believe in yourself and to not be afraid of failures because every obstacle is a stepping stone to your success, and you can turn challenges into motivators and overcome your disadvantages. Olga has a lot of leadership skills that I really admire, but the most expressive is managing skills. I am amazed how she can give and manage a lot of information at her lessons effectively in a short period of time. After that I remember everything. Olga Yakhimovich is born to be a leader.

I think that everyone is talented in their way and show leadership qualities in their sphere, and I am not exception of this rule. This happened in my high school. I played basketball and I was one of the best players and my team chose me as their leader. It was open voting. I was happy about it and proud of being believed in by my team. We got first place in the school competition. I believe that this story demonstrates me as a good leader who was chosen by other people.


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