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Anime. Comme il faut


Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Say to me, are sorrowful feelings borning in your heart while you move in the "Romeo and Juliet" ` s pages? Are tears flowing from your lachrymose eyes while viewing another romantic film - "Stepmother" or "A Walk to Remember"? And now, one more question: can you weep, experience, feel awful loneliness and melancholy or, vice versa, go into raptures, amaze and jump with happy face when you are watching… cartoon? Yes, sometimes it makes you sad and sometimes - very happy. But all those funny cartoons with never-ending "happy end" can`t force out your strong emotions, can`t make your heart beat faster.

However, there is an animation of "The Country of the Rising Sun", in which wonderful sense of humor mixed with heart - rending mournful and touching scenes. At times, grateful tricks make you weep for laugh, at times dramatic animated stories overpowered you so strongly; at times you are depressed because of it; at times it gives you a cause for reflection.

Carefully worked out and polychrome pictures with suitable charming music, uncommon breathtaking plots with embedded in it important sense and lofty ideas are borning wonderful art called anime.

For-all-ages, with amount number of genres - more than in cinematograph, with appealing characters, which are not shared to be evil or good (now and then there are some cruel heroes, whose destinies are full of sadness), anime will find place in each human`s soul.

You wish "fighting" with fascinating battles? Please, take it, "Rurouni Kenshin". Or maybe you wanted drama with tragic destinies and hard characters` tempers? You ought to see "Darker than Black" or "The Girl Who Leapt through the Time" or hundreds of others!

Oh, I don`t guess? You desire a brilliant comedy? Then… Welcome to the "Ouran High School Host Club"!

It`s not PR. I`m just trying to say, that such a special kind of art, like anime, which is as serious as a book and as beautiful as a film opens its doors to you! Among thousands of anime stories you can find something that win your heart, awaken your soul. Perhaps, it impels you to create, as it made me to do.

Anime exactly woke up my starting to sleep love to music, passion for drawing. I began learning the Japanese language, the history and the literature of this country. Anime is my great present of fate. If I can, I`ll say a lot of thanks to it!

As for you, dear reader (if there is someone), I may say `Listen to your heart - and choice!!!`


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