Топик 117. (B). Воззвание к "Планете Людей"

31 декабря 2009 - Администратор

Гавриков Антон, Печёнкина Ирина, лицей №6, город Воронеж, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My Appeal to the Planet of People


"All contradictions between the countries would
Disappear in the face of aliens…May they have
been among us?"  (R.Reagan)
"A person finds the nature of himself through
Absorbing the all-human". (M.Bubler)
"Could you listen to me? If someone lights stars
It must be important for some of us."2
I`m a planetary speaker nowadays.
On the agenda there are global problems and ways
Of interrelated solutions,
Responses, affords, resolutions...
My company is not man of fortune and bliss.
Make neither idol nor likeness!
The imaginary I would like to speak to
Is the planet of people! I greet you!
I`d like to attract of all public attention
To the problems of the present and next generations.
Let`s tackle transnational issues like these:
How do we build strong vibrant communities?
How do we create a sustainable way of life?
How do we lead healthier more fulfilling lives?
"Our world is too much for us"3
It`s extremely fragile like ephemeral glass.
"We`d respect religious and cultural features", - Obama says,-
"Our common values are everything else!"
There are many fortunes, they are twinkling beams,
They warm up each other on cold vital winds.
"There is just one moon and one golden sun"4
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
All`s interconnected in the global village
The good is reflected, the evil is forbidden.
My state of mind`s permeated with peace
All stars sing and dance round in the friendly rings.
We`re heavenly bodies in the sparkling space
Everybody remains an unforgettable trace,
Everyone resembles a scarlet flower at night,
Every luminary is as an effulgent light!
You see, "our Earth is the right place for love".5
"For the starlit sky every foolish man strives,
Because he forgets that the globe itself6
Is the star"…Cherish our planet and save!
Community of interests`s in harmony with life,
All hobbies, books and heroes are on modern lines,
Shakespeare, Pushkin, Webber, Tchaikovsky, Faulkner, Burns
Are the majestic geniuses, mighty of the Earth!
On reaching culmination a comet blazers up
We have appreciation of music, writing, and art.
It is of unique value. Guess how much and love.
In answer I`ll flame up you and lucky stars above.
My credo is obvious in the sublunary world.
For me, I am in progress. It`s worth in weight of gold.
In fact, a glorious history is rich in the highest mastery,
Spiritual values`re mystery in the pragmatic century.
Galaxy`s full of acmes, grand figures and events,
Celebrity is matchless, eternities are great!
I`m apt to succeed in my acute brainstorming,
The sublime we need`s in the found of learning!
Alcohol, homosexuality, drugs, nicotine,
Homelessness, degradation, diseases, famine…
Humanitarian problems of our native world
Are urgent. People need a helpful hand, support!
Would you like to join in a lot of organizations,
Which are the brightest symbols of civilization?
Contemporaries! Think globally, locally act!
Come together to overcome evil effects!
League against cancer, Red Cross, UNICEF
Have got golden hearts and spiritual wealth.
Charitable people, who want to give the hand
To those who really need it, be merciful, help,
Sacrifice a part of your property, time
To solve all problems of starving and crime,
Drug-addicts, war victims, unemployment,
Single mothers with ill children, violent threat…
I believe in strong prohibition enforcement
To stop vices, crimes and surely foster
An appreciation for the Earth
And the natural environment, of course.
Identical society can solve all social needs
By charitable centers, cheap housing, free meals.
People from diverse backgrounds and cultures`d
Fight for taking an active part in society
To get recognition of their human rights.
Rich people can help them to cope with hard times.
It`ll be great to secure, tomaximize and search
European investment, leadership in global change research,
Through national and international routs
To ensure environmental well-being, beatitude.
Environmental protection is a universal concern,
Greenpeace works in this direction with the vanguard in unison.
"The greatest threat to mother Earth
Was a nuclear holocaust!"7
World military spending is one of the greatest threats
Facing all the folks of our planet.
To create a global consensus on how
Best to respond to the problems now.
I see it as a way of building (in crises)
A new bridge between all the powerful countries.
The planet of people! Make our world yours!
For about five billion years our paradise`s lost!
Humanity shares a common fate, difficulties
Despite its cultural differences.
Creating collaborative partnerships in evolution
To apply strategic tools to realize peaceful solutions.
Global civil society emphasizes on communication,
Coordination, cooperation and collaboration.
"I do believe"- Dr.King was right in his speaking,-
"Injustice toward any people`s a threat to justice for all people".
"Happiness`s achieved by self perfection not enrichness"8
It`s a truth for interrelation and benediction.
I think, my merits are like a mirror of the world,
I`m a citizen of the Earth and what not…
Celestial hearts are opened to you,
Our God helps us to be just, tolerant, true!
I`m a universal envoy and discoverer.
"One can`t pluck a beautiful flower9
Without troubling a star"…It is not far…
"The good mind will win!"10 My future`s beginning…
I`m only seventeen…


Человек осознает себя, вбирая всечеловеческое.Наша Вселенная - миллиарды человеческих судеб, ярких неповторимых комет-талантов,звёздных душ и сердец. Всё взаимосвязано в этом мире: добро порождает добро, а зло наказывается. Нельзя сорвать цветок, не потревожив звезду. "Каждое дитя приходит в этот мир с вестью, что Бог ещё не разочаровался в людях", поэтому общечеловеческие проблемы следует решать на планетарном уровне.
Планета Земля - единственное место для любви. Она тоже звезда, поэтому ее надо беречь и лелеять. Алкоголь, терроризм, никотин, гонка вооружения, наркотики, нищета, моральная деградация, болезни, голод... уничтожают человечество, губят планету. Авторы воззвания обращаются к гражданам Мира с призывом образумитсья, возлюбить человечество, начать самосовершенствоваться... Благоразумие, благотворительность, взаимопонимание спасут Мир.
Воззвание представляет собой версифицированную форму,что, по мнению авторов, помогает более эмоционально и убедительно выразить их позицию.


Copyright © Russian centres of City and Guilds


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