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City & Guilds

International English Language Examinations

in Russia



How old do I have to be to take International English Language examinations?


City & Guilds are delighted to show how very young children can succeed in such a daunting task as taking International examinations with native UK examiners. There are many examples of 7 year olds passing Level 1 examinations, and 8 year olds succeeding at level 2, despite the fact that there are no concessions made in the exam papers because of their age.


Some students are the products of excellent teaching by individual private teachers, who then send their candidates to a large exam centre such as their local university or school.  There are other examples where a whole school eg a State Linguistic Gymnasie enters most of its students for City & Guilds International exams each year.  School 1228, a specialised School in Moscow, entered most of its 9 year olds, and they achieved an amazing 100% pass rate.


School 1228Galina Artamonova


The picture shows some of the young students from School 1228, Moscow, meeting before they took their Spoken City & Guilds examinations individually. Galina Artamonova receiving an award from the British Ambassador at the City & Guilds Awards Ceremony in February 2007.    


Such young children are not phased by taking written exams in a foreign language, nor indeed are they when taking spoken English exams, sometimes to the incredulity of their parents and, possibly their teachers!  The modern colloquial language, and the adult, contemporary business context, of both written and spoken exams does not surprise them.


Young children, and their families, are greatly motivated by such success, — it encourages them to carry on with their studies and return the following year to take the next level.  This also helps the teacher have well motivated students.   In a few years time they will provide university faculties of languages with incredibly talented candidates.

City & Guilds was pleased to write a letter in support of their dedicated teacher, Galina Artamonova, for her application for the Presidents prize.  It is wonderful to know that she has been given this prestigious award — it was richly deserved.


Many of our candidates are adults, both business people and teachers. Natalia Nikonova (Head of Belebey C&G International Exam Centre) on the left, taking a level 6 spoken English exam, with UK examiner, Sandra Shelley.


Natalia Nikonova











City & Guilds

Take your International English exams
at Moscow State University



I teach in Moscow & have students who wish to take City & Guilds exams?


They can sit their exams at many centres in and around Moscow, including Moscow State University.  To find your nearest centre call  916-677-60-64


What do City & Guilds Consultants do?


Olga Panichkina, a City & Guilds Consultant, based in Ulyianovsk, is not only is an excellent linguist & teacher but a self-motivated enthusiast for our international examinations.  She is also the Head of her own Regional Centre.  Olga`s work entails meeting teachers, Directors of universities and schools, Directors of education, even Regional Governors, to explain the advantages, both personal for the students, but also economically for the region.  Her advice covers not only pedagogical details, but also business & marketing planning, & finance.  


Olga`s work for City & Guilds takes her to many cities across Russia, as well as visits to the UK. Many schools, state and private, as well as universities, can testify to her help as they develop their educational business and links with the UK.



"What I like about working with C&G:

  • belonging to a team of bright & friendly people around Russia as well as around the world, with access to new technologies & the ability to use them in our work. New internationally recognised standards in teaching and assessment, video-conferencing, etc as well as methodological support, regular seminars & materials
  • an on-going process of learning,& as a result, constant personal and professional development. A competitive advantage in today`s highly demanding work place
  • I just enjoy meeting new interesting people & talking to them, both teachers & candidates especially, & helping them to find a better place, or the right place for them in this changing world by getting internationally recognised certificates to prove their knowledge of English. The fact that most of them succeed in itmakes me very happy, and it means my work and efforts are very rewarding."

 Olga Panichkina


  Olga Panichkina


Olga Panichkina speaking at City & Guilds Awards Ceremony at the British Embassy, Moscow, February 2007

Call our Consultants below for help and advice on how to establish an International Examination Centre for City & Guilds or to enter students to one of our examinations.


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